Essay on Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Macbeth '

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E Yeon Chang (장이연)
EN 540: Mr. Fornshell
Shakespeare Teagle

Love, As Seen in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Due to his eminence as a playwright, Shakespeare’s caliber as a poet has a tendency of going overlooked. Compared to his theatrical works, the Bard’s sonnets have been greatly under examined and, even when analyzed, critics often narrowly focus on whom the works are addressed to or their biographic implications. As interesting as Shakespeare’s lovers and himself were, it is just as riveting to look into the collection’s overarching theme to see what insights the dramatist has to offer about the role of love in life.
Instead of adhering to the rather restrained Italian (Petrarchan) sonnet tradition of praising an ideal mistress, the Bard developed an original style in which he illustrated a multidimensional, and subsequently more realistic, love. Through his sonnets Shakespeare explores love’s definition through the duality, limitations and immortalization it presents, demonstrating one of the most extensive and timeless treatments of love in the English Language.

Shakespeare analyzed the ambivalence of love as shown by its spiritual and carnal division. The duality is actually marked by the subjects of Shakespeare’s sentiments: ‘the fair youth’ and ‘the dark lady’. The earlier sonnets (1-126), addressed to the poet’s younger male friend, although demonstrating an intensity akin to sexuality, emphasizes a spiritual connection between the speaker and the young man whereas…

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