Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Life is not Easy
(An Analysis of Hamlet’s Challenges)

The most brilliant writer in the history of the earth is the English great, Shakespeare. Shakespeare writes magnificent plays while tying in genius themes and morals. In his play, Hamlet, the themes are expressed constantly. Hamlet is a play about a prince whose father is murdered by his evil brother and Hamlet has to avenge the death of his beloved father. Shakespeare is the master of allowing themes to explain themselves, and Hamlet is a great example of that quality. Hamlet is faced with several challenges in Acts I through III.

First, Hamlet in William Shakespeare 's play faces a challenge of killing the new king. Hamlet Jr. is the son of the former king of Denmark. King Hamlet was recently murdered, but the rumor was that he was killed by the bite of a venomous snake. But in truth the serpent wore the crown. The brother of Hamlet, Claudius was the murderer of the King. The son of Hamlet, during a state of mourning was told about a ghost in the cellar that represented his father by a group of soldiers. Hamlet soon found out that the ghost intended to share the truth with him, and to get revenge of his father 's death. “If thou has nature in thee, bear it not, Let the royal bed of Denmark be a couch for luxury and damned incest.” The ghost asks Hamlet to avenge the crooked murder of his previous life. This causes Hamlet to begin to lose his mind as he falls into depression. Next, from William…

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