Analysis Of ' Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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I Pity the Fool
(An Essay On Three Characters From Hamlet I Pity)

When you hear the word Hamlet you think to be or not to be, but when you read this play you start to pity each one of these characters for how tortured and demented they all seem to act. Throughout this play I had made the connection that it reminds me of a beloved Disney movie The Lion King. (Hernandez) While reading or seeing this play you start to pity most of the characters and what they go through each and every day. Hamlet, Ophelia, and Claudius are three characters you most pity throughout the play Hamlet. You start to understand why these characters are acting the way they do and at the end it all starts to make sense. You realize that they all seem to be facing similar problems and you pity them till the very end of them all. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark is quite the character he is devastated by his father 's death and is trying to seek answers. He finally gains some understanding when his father 's apparition visits him and asks to avenge his father 's death this is when you start to pity Hamlet. The turning point for hamlets insanity, I think is when he finds out that his uncle had actually murdered his father. You feel sympathy for him because he has mourned for so long and with good reason that he begins to turn crazy and everyone around him seems to notice it. You start to feel bad for Hamlet because he is stuck he thinks about ending his life on page one hundred and forty-two Act three…

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