Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Prince Hamlet, an heir to his father’s crown in Denmark is summoned home due to his father, King Hamlet. Hamlet comes to find out his mother, Gertrude married his uncle, Claudius, whom crowns himself king immediately. Suspecting foul play, Hamlet plots to capture this lie and attain revenge for his father’s death. Throughout the play, Hamlet goes on to create a blood bath. With this comes his own death. Laertes’s father was killed at the hands of Hamlet. Then, after Hamlet kills Claudius, Laertes kills Hamlet. The finale of the play, Prince Fortinbras, who goes to become King of Norway, orders a funeral for the slain Hamlet. In the play Hamlet there are very distinct themes, motifs, messages, and morals. The structure, characters, and setting contribute to the development of these things throughout Hamlet. Mortality is a theme that contributes to the structure, characters and setting of Hamlet. Death is a large role in the play of hamlet. The play starts out with the ghost of Hamlets father appearing to some of the characters which later we find out was killed by his own brother Claudius. After the death of his father Hamlet can’t stop thinking of what the meaning of life is. Hamlet is not afraid of death, but the one thing that is keeping him from suicide is the uncertainty of the afterlife. In Act 5, seeing Yorick’s skull, a friend of Hamlet’s changed his thoughts on the living and how death eliminates the differences between people. Morality continues throughout the…

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