Essay on Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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Just A Pawn:
Erotomania, Silencing, and, Reduction to Appearance in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” Within the five acts of William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”, there are only two female characters featured within the text, one of them was a young and impressionable girl named Ophelia who was only present within 5 of the 25 scenes. Most of the text focused on Hamlet and his male counterparts—who make up the patriarchy of the play—strong personalities, struggles, and challenges. However, Ophelia plays the role of the stereotypical naive and overly emotional girl. Ophelia was manipulated and forced in any direction her father, Polonius, wants due to his overbearing sense of patriarchal entitlement. Ophelia lacks a true identity and an opinion, as she was just a pawn in Polonius, Laertes, and Hamlet’s lives. Furthermore, as one of the only two female roles, she has no one helping or rooting for her throughout the play; essentially, every man around her consistently expresses control over her. With that being said, within his play “Hamlet”, William Shakespeare utilizes the ideas of erotomania, silencing, and reduction to appearance to show the objectification and restriction on Ophelia expressed throughout the play by the expansive patriarchy featured throughout the text. Erotomania in the 15th century can be described as a delusion in which a person, typically a woman, believes that another person, typically a male of higher social status, is in love with them, which ultimately…

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