Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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Throughout William Shakespeare 's play, Hamlet, Shakespeare uses clothing imagery to convey the theme of "is versus seems" and reflects on the superficiality or authenticity of the characters. The vanity and pettiness of the courtiers, which are portrayed through the symbol of clothing, are the reasons Hamlet, the protagonist and Prince of Denmark, is enraged and indignant towards the members of the royal family and the court. The theme of “is versus seems” and the imagery of Hamlet’s black mourning clothes, portray Hamlet as an authentic and honest man. Contrary to Hamlet, Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, is exposed as a apathetic charlatan through her wearing the same shoes to her wedding as she wore two months earlier to her husband, King Hamlet’s, funeral. Gertrude’s phony personality is revealed through the theme of “is versus seems”. Similarly, when Polonius, the king’s advisor and a representation of the Danish court, reminds his son of the importance of clothing in shaping an ideal public image, the theme of “is versus seems” reveals Polonius’s insincere and superficial nature. The vanity and dishonesty of the courtiers, which is depicted through the imagery of clothing and the theme of “is versus seems”, accounts for Hamlet’s anger towards his family and the courtiers.
Hamlet is genuine and honest, as revealed through the theme of "is versus seems" and Hamlet 's black mourning clothing. When Gertrude inquires Hamlet about his black mourning clothing and asks him…

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