Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay examples

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Hamlet Essay
Hamlet by Shakespeare was written in the early 1600’s in England, it is an Elizabethan tragedy, which means its plot may include on-stage murder, ghosts, torture, grave yards, ambition, and severed limbs (source 1). During this time period there were not as many human rights so if someone did something wrong instead of going to jail and paying off time they would get some limbs cut off, or if the action was extreme, as in murder, then they would die. This law was supposed to apply to everyone, but it does not really apply to the royalty because they have the highest status and they make the rules. The idea of requite applies if someone was murdered, and the court did not deal with the murderer, then the family of the victim has a right and obligation of getting closure by avenging victim and killing the murderer or someone of that persons family. This happens in Hamlet and is in fact the basic plot of the play. Multiple characters are dedicated to avenging their loved ones by killing the one who killed them, and all this death occurs in the final scene of the play. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, vengeance in the last scene gives the play a sense of closure, because every character got the revenge they desired. And avenging a family member is a conflict that is resolved greatly through the death of the Gertrude, Laertes, Claudius, and Hamlet.
The last scene of the play includes a duel between the two skilled swordsmen; Hamlet and Laertes, but Hamlet is a little better…

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