Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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In discussing the importance of Gertrude in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is important to first analyze her character. Critics often view this queen as a weak female character whose dependence on her husband renders her nearly useless. Through analysis of Gertrude’s speeches and actions throughout the play, it is evident that her character more closely resembles that of a strong, clear-headed, independent, and manipulative woman, yet still flawed in that she gives heed to her sexual passions and marries Claudius.
Gertrude’s hasty marriage to Claudius draws the most criticism of her character. In a modern sense, society generally frowns upon improperly mourning the death of your husband and then quickly turning around and marrying his brother. However, by looking at Gertrude’s actions from a different viewpoint, she begins to make more sense and seems less fragile and more independent. Hamlet takes offense at his mother’s short-lived grief, and in a soliloquy expresses his upset over her actions–“O God, a beast that wants discourse of reason / Would have mourned longer!” (1.2.154-155). However, it can be inferred that the queen had the best interest of Denmark at heart when she cut her mourning period short and married Claudius. Gertrude simply felt that if she married Claudius quickly, she would restore the broken great chain of being by giving Denmark a king. She sacrificed her grief in order to bring back a sense of order and security during a depressing time for Denmark and…

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