Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Antigone ' Essays

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Character Analysis King Creon is a main character in Antigone, a Greek play by Sophocles. King Creon is Antigone’s uncle, and a very powerful king. King Creon is not a kind man to say the least, he is very strict in terms of ruling. After the deaths of Oedipus and his sons, Creon entirely surrendered himself to the throne. King Creon showed an example of human’s greed for power, and how power could sometimes get the best of you. Creon also believes life is but the happiness one makes, and he is an antagonist but certainly not a villain. Following Antigone’s actions, Creon has to make the difficult decision of executing Antigone. Although Creon has some affection for Antigone, he has no choice but to put her to death. Even though Creon is not eager to kill Antigone, he is obliged to since the laws have to be followed. When Antigone says “yes” to state power, Creon committed acts to himself that even he considered abominable. Antigone’s demands on her desire of state power brought ruin to Thebes, and certainly Creon.

King Creon suffered a plethora of catastrophic events that emerged from his decision to punish Polyneices; King Creon sided with Polyneices’s brother Eteocles instead and that lead to his demise. King Creon considered Polyneices a traitor for attacking the city of Thebes, and declared that his body was not to be buried, but left for the birds to eat. Antigone challenged King Creon fearlessly and buried her brother Polyneices. From…

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