Analysis Of Shakespeare 's ' Antigone ' Essay

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Pride over Leadership
The Character Analysis of King Creon in the Play Antigone

In the Sophocles’ play Antigone, translated by Robert Fagles, Creon plays a major role as king of Thebes. Creon made a decision as king that he believed was for the well-being of Thebes, little did he know that decision would result is such turmoil. Quickly, Creon becomes the antagonist when Antigone, his sons soon to be bride, disobeys this law causing Creon’s anger to cloud his rational thinking. In the play Antigone, Creon’s character is initially a good leader with reason behind his actions, eventually pride and power took over causing him to become vindictive and unyielding, by the end of the play it was to late for Creon to fix the damage his actions had caused. Polynices and Eteocles the sons of Oedipus and brothers of Ismene and Antigone killed one another in battle over the throne, leaving their uncle Creon the next king of Thebes. The first decision Creon declared as king was that while the body of Eteocles would be give a proper burial with full military honors, the corpse of Polynices would be left to rot. It was forbidden to mourn, bury or honor Polynices death, anyone to disobey would be sentenced to death. Polynices attacked his hometown which made him a traitor, Creon made the decision he believed was best for Thebes regardless of it being his nephew which shows his ability to be a good leader . Creon says, “Never at my hands will the traitor be honored above the…

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