Analysis Of Sex Without Love

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Sex Culture Without Love
Sharon Olds questions casual sex in her poem “Sex Without Love”, she writes, “how do they do it, the ones who make love. / without love” ( lines 1-2)... Whether casual sex is a sin or something to be envied of it is growing to be quite popular in today’s culture. People are finding out though that casual sex has strings attached. To figure out what these strings are let’s first find out what casual sex is and why it happens. Is it because of the media, the sex culture today, the location, the place, or a combination of all of these? Is it the same for woman and men? I will explain all of these questions and get to the bottom of what sex without love really is.
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But another thing that effects those actions is the atmosphere of the environment. The place and the time can effect what goes on in culture, especially the casual sex culture. For example I bet there’s more hooking on a college campus then your grandma’s living home. A study was done on the environment changes on a college campus and how your location effects the sexual drive to have a one night stand. It reported that there was a “68% chance of having it reported at a party, 57% at dorms, 10% at clubs, and 7% in vehicles” (Garcia 5). The time also has an effect on how often people have one night stands. On spring break 60% of men and 40% of women are estimated to have sex with someone that they only have a sexual relationship with 30% of those being with someone they met on spring break(Rhoads 2). This shows that fun environments mixed with the era of free minded young people are were the hook-up exploration begins with ease. If you drop drugs and alcohol into these situations the numbers only increase. In the past years drug and alcohol has been the main causes of these on night stands. A study was done by Steven Rhoads, a professor at Washburn, he took 120 students and found that “70% have casual sex while under the influence of alcohol” (Rhoads 4).Another study that was web-based, showed that 80% of college student and young adults were under the …show more content…
The strings are in forms of unintended pregnancy, transmitted infections, and the most common one emotional injuries. Teen pregnancies are rising and college students are going even more into debt because they are having to pay for a baby and college tuition. Most know the risk of pregnancies but choose to not use perfection in this age of casual sex. Which opens up our next negative attached string, sexual transmitted diseases. Most of the participants were not even concerned about transmitting sexual diseases. The exact percentage was 52%, 80% had been educated on these diseases and knew the risk (Garcia 12). This shows that ignorance isn 't the case of them not caring, because like I said before this is becoming well known so there are many classes to educate these dangers. Luckily many people who hook-up decide not to do it a second time, making their chances of catching these diseases or having a unexpected pregnancy less likely. This is because in most casual sex situation one partner over estimates the other partners comfort. Making one partner feel stress, which results in regret in the morning. That regret turns into depression and adds a feeling of loneliness to the individual. Research has shown that this depression is twice more likely to show up in women than men. So men are more likely to accept casual sex from people that

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