Character Analysis: Seven Blind Mice

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Papa was strong and fast as he was able to pick cotton the best, “Daddy 's cotton sack so long, they have to fold it double to weigh it” (Williams 20). While papa was the powerhouse, mama was caring and protective of her children, “Mama bring cornbread for lunch and greens” (Williams 23), Mama has taken up the position of making sure they eat and drink and that everyone stays as healthy as possible. Shelan, the main character, is curious and wants to be as grown up as her siblings,”If I was old as Kasie and Jesmarie, I could pick fifty, even a hundred pounds of cotton a day” (Williams 28). She wants to show off and perhaps be more helpful to her family. The illustrations color scheme was soft, ale colors that added a mellow effect to the story. …show more content…
The plot for this story was most intriguing, as this group of seven mice run into something that is unknown to them. So in order tot ry and figure out what this 'something ' is, each day a different colored mouse ran out and did an inspection of what they found. Then they reported back what they found for the others to hear. The next day a different colored mouse ran out to find something different and would return to share his findings. This book allows children to enter into a guessing game with mice to figure out hat the unknown animal is. This process is repeated over the course of seven days. The setting was a guess to somewhere in Africa, as on each page a different body part of an elephant was seen. Elephants are known to run wild in Africa mostly and it 's not that far of a stretch for mice to be running wild there also. At the end of the story on pages 38 and 39, Young does show the entire picture of the elephant, as a reveal. The theme was shown on the last page of the book, “Knowing inn part may make a fine tale, but wisdom comes from seeing the whole” (Young 40-41). This is a direct reference to the mice as they each discover a part of the elephant little by little until the final mouse makes a guess about what the animal is. It also teaches children that sometimes you have to see a while picture, or understand a whole situation, before you make any decisions. Knowing each side of a story is better than only knowing a single side of one. The mice were in the colors, white, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green, and red. Each colored mouse seemed to represent a certain unique trait to just them. The red mouse was the first mouse to go out the first day earning the title fearless. On page 11 it is illustrated that the mouse found the leg of the elephant and makes a guess that it is a pillar instead of a leg. Next the green mouse goes out, on page 15 it is

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