Analysis Of Selling A House And Buying A New Home

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Selling a house and buying a new home at the same time is exciting, challenging and can be done smoothly with the right realtor in place, and a well-planned schedule for closing both homes simultaneously. First things first, meet with your realtor and talk about listing your current home, while you’re looking for a new home. Your realtor can confirm what’s on the market that you’d like to purchase and what the prospect buyers are looking for when it comes to selling your existing home.
The information gives you a clear idea of timing for selling a house and your realtor can research the market conditions on your prospective new home. This first strategy is going to save you a great deal of stress for listing and selling your home and lessen the disappointment of finding the perfect new home but not ready to make an offer to purchase it.
Next is determining the market value on your current home, so you know how much you
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The reason is prices for selling a house are expected to continue rising through the end of this year and into 2017 making it an opportune time for home owners to sell and trade up to a new home.
Market Strategy
In a seller’s market, selling a house can be easier than buying a new one. The seller’s market gives you the advantage with more interested buyers for your existing home and potentially a higher sales price. The extra money you get from the selling your current home is going to come in handy when you submit an offer to purchase your new home.
In this case, if your home sells quickly, you have the option of scheduling the closing concurrently with the purchase of your new home. Of course the buyer of your home needs to agree. If they do, extend the existing home’s closing to coordinate with the schedule of the newly purchased home. Now get ready to coordinate the biggest investment move of your

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