Analysis Of Season Of Migration To The North

Identity and Culture are two mated phrases. Culture is an effective entity that plays an important role in carving one’s identity. The identity can be a fixed identity or a hybrid identity. The objective of this dissertation is to examine the way colonialism impacted the psyche of orients which resulted in the hybrid identity of the colonized people and their culture. Derek Walcott, Amitav Ghosh, Ngugi wa Thiongo, Tayeb Salih, Chinua Achebe etc, these all are the important personages in the dominion of Postcolonialism. Postcolonial study refers to the study of cultural heterogeneity.
This dissertation researches on postcolonial novelists’ novels, Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North and Ngugi wa Thiongo’s The River Between
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He is famous not only in his Arab country but also in world as a salient of Postcolonial writer. Season of Migration to the North is his 1966 Postcolonial Sudanese novel. It is the work which highly talks about the ‘Identity and Culture discordance’ of the span. It is actually an imitation of identity crisis and culture conflict of colonized Arabic and European. Here the protagonist Mustafa Sa’eed is coping with the entangled accord with the alien culture. He is a rival of the westerners and their culture because of his erotic manipulation. Whereas the narrator that is Meihemed is an …show more content…
It depicts the conflict between the inhabitants of two villages, one dominated by traditional culture and other representing Christian- influenced culture that has began to replace the tradition. In novel, the protagonist Waiyaki is trying to use education that is knowledge to resist the power of white men’s government. Circumcision is the another issue highlighted by Ngugi. Ngugi questions such superstious and rootless rituals of natives. It is a ritual created by patriarchal society in which especially women are forced to pass through it, to prove the so-called purity. In this ritual female body is exploited and

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