Reflection On School Surroundings By Frank Nemeth

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Being brought up in an environment where it was dangerous; peoples life experiences and the struggles make a person life change. There have been many life lesson experiences that I have took with me as I grew up. When most people get life lesson talks from a parent(s) or any adults, most take them for granted. They also think that what they are informing them on is not the most educational thing. I have realized that Frank Nemeth and I have similarities on growing up and learning and getting an education off the streets besides just in school. While growing up in the city of Saint Louis, where the streets where dangerous and going to a local beauty shop every other weekend has taught me about my surroundings and my values. Therefore, in School …show more content…
In School of Thoughts, Frank Nemeth describes how going to the barber shop taught him life lessons, “I didn’t mind how far fetched they were, I just like just like being in the shop, and they were fantastic story tellers. They taught me a lot about life as well” (322O). With him only going to the barber shop just to sit he gained knowledge and a life lesson on how to treat a lady, and dangers that awaited in the streets of Philly. I however, gotten most of my education at school but there were times every other Saturday I would go get my hair done at the beauty shop or just sit with my mom. Some days being the youngest one in the shop I have gotten the run down on to stay in school, learn from my mistakes, and how not to get a boyfriend until I was done with school. This has been a little challenging but an agreement that I made with myself has developed that I would stick with until I reach my goals.
I have learned that an education is the key characteristics that determines the outcome of a person’s life. The sensibility of accomplishment and hidden fear of life can drive a person to perform above or below expectation in education. Education can be taught in many ways not just in a school. most kids now don’t attended school because of their lifestyle. As frank Nemeth proves that not being taught by his dad he developed knowledge that males supposed to know. An life and education

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