Analysis Of Schindler 's List Was Produced By Steven Spielberg

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Richard von Weizsaecker said "There were many ways of not burdening one 's conscience, of shunning responsibility, looking away, keeping mum. When the unspeakable truth of the Holocaust then became known at the end of the war, all too many of us claimed that they had not known anything about it or even suspected anything." The ultimate test of one’s conscience occurred during the time of the Holocaust. During this dark time, many people found it easier to look away and avoid the problems instead of following their conscience. This was due to the fact that many people refused to accept the reality of what was occurring and instead of helping the Jewish people. They hoped that ignoring the problem would make it go away. Although many people would have stepped in to help alleviate the struggles of the Jewish people it was difficult to understand how one person would be able to make an impact on hundreds of people when they were more concerned with their own self.
The movie Schindler’s List was produced by Steven Spielberg in 1993. A main theme of this movie was one’s ability to impact what was happening to the Jewish people. Throughout the movie Schindler grew from being a selfish and greedy businessman to a selfless human. His transformation midway through the film was unexpected but touching. This movie powerfully showed how a person could change their conscience in a positive way. When Schindler looked at the Jewish people who worked for him as more than employees he was…

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