Characteristics Of Santiago The Old Man Ernest Hemingway

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Even though, Santiago has no money he is still successful. Santiago goes 84 days without catching a fish, but he is successful when he hooks the marlin. He is even more successful when he harpoons the marlin. No matter how many people made fun of him he still went out there, and he tried his best to do something he was determined to do. To me determination is what leads to success, not money. The old man had determination and never lost it. Towards the end when he must fight all the sharks Santiago never gave up. That means more than money ever can. Santiago also had success as a person in general. Santiago was kind and looked positively on most things. He thought of the fish as a brother, and he respected the fish even though he had to kill …show more content…
An example is when Santiago remembers is his arm-wrestling match at Casablanca. He arm-wrestled the strongest man on the docks. The game lasted a whole 24 hours, but Santiago came out on top and was called El Campeon. This event helped contribute to Santiago’s becoming a man. In order to become a man have determination and overcome obstacles. This is what I think Hemingway thought of what it meant to be a man. The way Hemingway depicts Santiago is as an old-fashioned determined man. Hemingway depicts Manolin differently; he listens to his parents and gives up fishing with Santiago because he is unlucky. You can tell that towards the end Hemingway is telling the transition into manhood for Manolin because he decides to fish with Santiago either way. This shows determination in Manolin, it also shows the respect Manolin gains for Santiago. Respect is another thing you need to have in order to become a man. Hemingway believes in the old-fashioned type of man. This type of man is always hard working, and he will always come out on top. Ernest Hemingway never gave up his dream of being a writer. He had determination, and he also ended up being rewarded for his writing. I think to Hemingway one thing about becoming a man is hunting. Hemingway was a big game hunter. In The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago is a fisherman, a type of hunter. In the Green Hills of Africa Hemingway talks a lot about hunting. Therefore, hunting must play a big part in being a man to

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