Analysis Of Santiago De Chile And Its Effects On Society Essay

872 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
In times of accelerated changes and contemporary globalization, it is important to generate a reflexive space about the perception of the city, which is always evolving due to economic, political or cultural changes throughout history, and its effects on the landscape and people. At first sight, global transformation with the intensification of stimulus has shifted people’s behaviour in all aspects of life affecting and eroding social construction of reality, being one of the most important facts reflected in the society of the spectacle where we live in.
Santiago de Chile has suffered constant processes of modernization and transformation of its landscape for the progress of the city; those changes have had important consequences on its environment, people and communities living there. But Santiago is not the only city affected by different historical events. Every city and town around the world possesses its own systems and social relationships, elements of reciprocity and coexistence between individuals that configure their own geographical space.
Capitalism is also already settled in our society as a global empire and dominant hegemony, and it makes to think the city in a different way, into a new perception of society. In the meantime, a lot of artists are developing artworks related to cities affected by historical facts, but how artists can perceive the world around us and represent the history and personal experiences in their work? Can history unconsciously…

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