Essay about Analysis Of Sandra Cisneros 's ' Mericans '

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Sandra Cisneros is the author of a short story entitled "Mericans”. It has a young female narrator is stuck in an “old world” culture. In this particular case it is a Mexican culture. The narrator does not seem to understand the traditions, this shows a rift between the children that are Mexican but are being brought up in America and their grandmother who has migrated here from Mexico. Ciseneros uses the setting and symbolism to create the theme of individualism conflicting with cultural traditions; the individual children show confusion when it comes to showing which culture they belong to.
The point of the story is to show how the American or “new world” culture is destroying the traditional Mexican culture or “old world” culture. Setting and symbolism pretty much go hand in hand when trying to explain the theme across. There are two different locations that are relevant to this story. The first location appears with a description of a catholic church, it mentions the “lighting [of] votive candles and genuflecting.” (17) The lighting of candles is a symbolic and metaphoric tradition in Mexican catholic churches even can be further characterized as “old world” traditions. The young girl goes on to say “there are so many prayers and promises and thanks-be-to-God to be given in the name of the husband and the sons and the only daughter who never attend mass.” (17) This is significant because it shows how much the young girl does not understand why taking part in these…

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