Analysis Of Samuel Beckett 's ' Waiting For Godot ' Essay

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In the play, Waiting For Godot, written by Samuel Beckett, two characters named Vladimir and Estragon are forever waiting for the appearance of an entity named Godot at willow tree. Throughout the play, Godot never shows us so Vladimir and Estragon are in the same location perpetually. Now, throughout the play, I realized that these two characters, Vladimir and Estragon (from my perspective) seem to both want to do something about their current situation but they are still there in same spot. Vladimir believes that waiting for Godot is the appropriate and right thing to do. Estragon is extremely bent on leaving the willow tree and does not see the point in waiting for Godot. Now I have a point here—they both want to move forward but in different directions. Here is where cultural amnesia comes into play. When observing each character you realize that one individual wants to stick to the past and the other wants to move onwards. Vladimir desires to stay at the tree and wait for Godot. He does not want to throw away the old customs and have amnesia; Vladimir wants to fasten himself and cling himself to the older culture. With Estragon, well prepare, all set and willing to take action to move away from the tree. Estragon is a type of individual that is ready to replace the old customs and old traditions with the new cultural practices.

At the end of the day, Estragon and Vladimir acquired the inclination to move forward in divergent manners. Although they wanted to take…

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