Analysis Of Samuel Beckett 's Waiting For Godot Essay

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Vladimir 's Song as a Representation of the Play in Samuel Beckett 's Waiting for Godot
Samuel Beckett 's two act tragicomedy Waiting for Godot depicts the endless wait for something better as told through the eyes of two homeless men named Vladimir and Estragon who have nowhere to go. As both men wait for a person by the name of Godot, they find ways to pass time in the form of friendly banter, contemplating suicide, philosophical conversations and reminiscing about the past. Both acts end the same way, a boy coming to tell them that Godot will come the next day. Thus, marking Vladimir’s and Estragon 's never ending wait for Godot, who may never come.
Vladimir and Estragon’s suffering now continues and the cycle repeats itself eternally until it is stopped by someone who instead of waiting for nothingness, chooses to live life on their own terms. A key piece of the play that reflects the ideas that Beckett is trying to present, is the song that Vladimir sings in the beginning of the second act. It is a repetitive song about a dog that stole a piece of bread and was thus beaten to death by a cook. This leads to other dogs burying the dog in a tomb. It is put in a grave on which the tombstone recounts the dog’s efforts so that other dogs may refrain from doing the same. The song repeats itself for eternity until its singer gets tired of singing. Despite its childishness and slightly dark undertones, the song that Vladimir sings ultimately reflects the nature and structure…

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