Analysis Of Salvador Dali 's ' The First Day Of Spring ' Essay examples

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In Salvador Dali’s painting “The First Day of Spring”, there a number of figures and actions displayed. The painting appears to be taken place on a huge gray plain during the middle of a sunny cloud-less day. In the center, there are three steps that extend all the way back into the background. On the left hand side, there is a man sitting in a chair looking into the background. On the first step, there is a man on his knees resting his head on a woman-like figure in front of a painting. Her head in missing but replaced with and abstract object hat resembles a black hole. Above her head is an array of colors of blue, red, and yellow. On the second step, there is a vase of the same colors with a head of a fish with hair on top. Behind it, is a black and white photographer of a very young child. On the third step there are many objects. The closest figure to the viewer is a concrete-like box with red, white, blue, and black dots painted on the front side. On top of the box is a smaller box with the head of a bird painted on the front. The bird is painted in the same color scheme as the fish figure and the colors above the woman’s head. Above the bird are repeated images of the bird that lead to a floating transparent face, again painted in the same color scheme. Coming from the face, is a transparent head figure with a grasshopper on its mouth. From the head there is a bubble that has; a double headed colored pencil of red and blue, a bird’s head which is painted yellow, a…

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