Analysis Of Ruth Benedict's Patter Of Culture

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In the book “Patter of Culture” by Ruth Benedict exams the concepts of cultural relativity. She careful study the differences between three cultures the Pueblo of New Mexico, Dobu of Melanesia and Kwakiutl of the Northwest Coast. By closely study how each individual group act in certain ways and different choices have been made upon the same problem between the groups. However, from her study, Benedict has found that there is a patterns of culture, which is half of her book explained the diversity of culture each individual adopt and still practiced, which is known as the life of human. It is the affection people who shared the lane with those religion. At first, Benedict started with theoretical of anthropology is the study of human from past …show more content…
Also, everyone should give a respect to those individual who are sometimes look a bit strange to us. Culture diversity is a key to distinguish from one to the other. The traits popularized the word so called “culture” that make us understand and appreciate the ways of life had established at first. In a way, which is Benedict try incorporated into her study by making comparison that for most part it implies the concept of cultural relativism. In cultural anthropology, cultural relativism is a root for anthropology in the field. It is the evidence to further develop the idea of culture integration, which is clearly has proved in her study the detail how each individual different from the group. For example, there is one phrase clearly expressed her thought and belief, she said, no man look at the world with immaculately clean without use any sustains. To understand and work well with people, it is important to look at people as groups ethically. In contrast, both anthropology and Ruth Benedict find it difficulty agree on the ideas of dualism, which is the subtraction of one is a plus to

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