Rupi Kaur Milk And Honey Analysis

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The book I chose to write about for this assignment is by Rupi Kaur and is titled “Milk and Honey.” I selected it because I had seen pictures and quotes from this book on social media for a long time leading up to now. This assignment finally gave me a reason to go out and buy this best-selling poetry book. Furthermore, it really touched me and I felt I could write the most about it. The title itself sounds rather interesting in my opinion. When I looked up the origin of the phrase “milk and honey”, I found that it generally accepted to represent the good things in life, virtues, or even God’s blessing. While it doesn’t relate directly to character in terms of being a model citizen and having good morals, it does serve as a good example of learning to be a better version of yourself.
Rupi Kaur’s work almost seems like it is a series of diary entries. Her poetry is very personal, sincere, and honest. It is divided into four chapters that give insight on what Kaur experienced at different stages in her twenty-one years of life. She discloses her pain, suffering, evilness, and how she survived it while being an advocate for women. She reminds us that gender equality is not quite where it should be
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It is about the simplest and most complex joys in relationships, understanding and accepting loss, and dealing with heartbreak. It is a very empowering body of text because this was when Rupi put her foot down and just said, “ Enough is enough.”. At this point she began changing. She confesses her own sins and refuses to continue to be a victim.
The Healing is my favorite chapter and is a message. It rejoices in human connection, beauty, intelligence, strength, fertility, and so much more. This section is what made me the most happy about reading this book because even through all of the pain she experienced and administered, she learned to love herself most, accept the universe as it is, and find enchanting qualities in

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