Analysis Of Rosa Mendez 's First Order Of Business Essay

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As the new temporary editor of the June 1911 Mexican anarchist magazine Regeneracion, Rosa Mendez’s first order of business was to quickly state that “I am willing to help as far as my limited intelligence and duties as a woman with a family will allow me…” As she adopted this new role, Mendez felt the need to legitimize her new position by reassuring her readers that she identified herself primarily as a woman with a family. Mendez’s experience is similar to that of many anarchist women who quickly learned that despite the calls for a social revolution, anarchist circles remained unable or unwilling to abandon the patriarchal ideology that was at the very foundation of Mexican culture. Even under an atheist and anti-authoritative party, the social utility and worth of anarchist women would continue to be determined by the tenets of Marianismo. This gender construct portrayed the exemplary woman as a practitioner of abnegation, self-sacrifice, obedience, and spiritual strength. Anarchist women risked public identification and condemnation as bad women for operating in the public sphere, therefore they felt the need to seek out a form of validation for their movement. During the early years of the Mexican Revolution, women in the Mexican Liberal Party (PLM) were able to legitimize their political positions by distancing themselves from the mala madre/mala mujer narrative and claiming a shared identity with La Virgen de Guadalupe. Analyzing parallels between Mexican…

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