Analysis Of Rosa Lee 's Life Essay

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Rosa Lee’s typical daily activities include waking up, although wanting to stay in bed, she can’t. Rosa Lee describes having stomach pains that awaken her early every morning, as they do many heroin addicts. The cramps begin at 6:30am and linger until she can get to the city drug-treatment clinic for her fifty-five milligram dose of methadone. She describes not having an issue with waking up early because she enjoys utilizing the extra time to make herself look nice. Due to Rosa Lee being a safety net for many of her children most of her children are laying around the home when she awakes. After the methadone clinic, Rosa Lee has breakfast at the local McDonald’s, she can’t stand to eat anything until she has her methadone. She spends several hours at McDonald’s each day, chatting with other patients from the two nearby clinics and “regulars” who hang out. Her routine is the same: she orders Cheerios or the breakfast special of pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs. Her daily trips to McDonalds allow her to escape from her home life for a while (Dash, 1993).


Attitude and Behavior of: Rosa Lee’s activities are surrounded by drugs and criminalized

behaviors. Illegal activities swirl around Rosa Lee every day (Dash, 1993).

Social Functioning of: Although she resents it her social life only consist of her children. She has no friends other than the other addicts she meet up with at Mcdonald’s.


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