Analysis Of Room By Emma Donoghue

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Confinement on a Psychological Level Introduction:
In "Room" by Emma Donoghue, Ma and Jack are affected greatly by their confinement on a psychological level, Jack more so than Ma. Jack has lived his entire life in confinement, he has no sense of the real world, and he has been psychologically damaged because of it. Ma previous to her capture was a innocent teen of 17 years, she has isolated from the world, and she will never be the same. Although Jack and Ma 's confinement has psychological effects on both of them, it is my opinion that Jack has been effected on a higher level than Ma. In conclusion, confinement has a great impact on the characters in this novel on a psychological level. Body #1: Jack has lived his entire life in
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When Ma is in room all she wants is to get out, understandably, but when she get 's out things don 't go according to plan. Ma is living under the delusion that if she leaves "room" all her troubles will go away, and she can in a sense live happily ever after. When Ma get 's out of "room" she finds it even harder to cope with what she has gone through, mostly because she no longer has to be the strong one and protect Jack from what happened in "room". She feels so much anger and pain, it becomes apparent to the reader that she may never get over the traumatic events that occurred over all those years in "room". Ma attempts to commit suicide after this. This is where we see how much "room" really had an impact on her psychologically – she feels …show more content…
Initially, Jack has to become part of a society that he has never seen or heard of. Ma has been in the real world previous to her capture – she knows exactly how it works, and how to act in social situations. Jack has only had social interactions with Ma, and on a few occasions "Old Nick" - Ma 's abuser. Jack is very attached to his mother because that is the one of the only people he has seen since he was born. Becoming part of the society is a very hard thing for Jack, whereas Ma 's transition isn 't as difficult, not to say that there was no struggle at all.

Also, Jack has only ever known "room", this is where he has spent his "most developmental years", from birth to around age 7. This is the most crucial time for children to learn and develop their brains. Although, Jack is advanced in his English and math skills, he also has a lack of perception of the real world, as he was told his whole life that everything outside of room was just pretend. Whereas Ma knows that the world is real, and has went through her developmental stages in the real world with her

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