Essay on Analysis Of Rolling The R 's, R. Zamora Linmark

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18 years. That is the average age of a child once they complete their mandatory schooling. Children as young as 5 begin their schooling with Kindergarten and thus begins an era of schooling that lasts a little over a decade. To many minority children, schools and the school experience in general, is a reflection of the impacts that race, class and sexuality have had in their lives. In the book, Rolling the R’s, R. Zamora Linmark uses contradictions in the schooling experience of Edgar and his classmates to make a larger commentary about the existence of education as a contradictory colonial institution where societal norms are enforced as well as differences.
.Contradictions play an important part in Linmark’s novel to create complex characters and contradictions, but Linmark also uses these contradictions to make a larger commentary about the complexities of the school experience and how concepts of gender, race, class and sexuality are intertwined in these experiences by centering the revelation of these contradictions within the confines of school. As Rick Baldoz states in his book, The Third Asiatic Invasion, education was a valuable colonial tool for colonizers, able to push the assimilation narrative. In the case of Filipinos, education was used on Filipinos in the Philippines as well as those of Filipino ethnicity in the United States, including Hawaii. But in some cases, the institution of education actually works to rebel against the traditional assimilation…

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