Analysis Of Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry Essay

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This essay will talk about how Taylor makes the narrative seem cheery but actually does it in a complicated way and how about times really don 't change all to much with bringing forward how this book is relevant to present racial issues.

“Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry”, is a story that is told from a 9 year old girl named Cassie 's point-of-view. So whatever Cassie knows we know and sometimes since she is only nine is not that much. Taylor uses some literary techniques to help us understand what to look. One technique that she uses is when Cassie is getting lectures from Mama, Papa, and Uncle Hammer Taylor does this so that it give us insight into the book 'sdifferent messages. Another example of this at work in the novel is when Cassie overhears the adults talking at church about how the Berrys were attacked,
“The boys and I sat at our study table pretending not to listen, but listening still.”
"Henrietta Toggins," said Mrs. Lanier, "you know, Clara Davis ' sister that live up there in Strawberry? Well, she 's kin to the Berrys and she was with John Henry and Beacon when the trouble got started. They was waitin ' there for they gas when some white men come up messin ' with them been drinkin ', you know. And Henrietta heard 'em say, 'That 's the nigger Sallie Ann said was flirtin ' with her." And when she heard that, she said to John Henry, 'Let 's get on outa here."

At first I did not like that Taylor had used Cassie to tell the story since she can only tell her…

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