Essay about Analysis Of Rockwell 's Poem ' Grandpa And Me Fishing '

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Rockwell’s paintings are distributed all over the world. His paintings describe different people and situations. I recently viewed different paintings by Rockwell, although some had the some had the same message that was portrayed. Artists normally have similarities between pictures, but Rockwell pictures stand out more because they express extreme realism. After browsing I noticed that Rockwell is very creative and talented. I also noticed not only does he put things into perspective, he also paints pictures very neat in detail. My grandparents played an important role in my life. Therefore, I was drawn to the two paintings of Norman Rockwell that dealt with grandparents: “Gramps and Me,” and “Grandpa and Me fishing.”
I chose the two paintings because they seemed very detailed and I also could understand the relationship. The painting “Grandpa and Me fishing” illustrates a Grandfather and Grandson spending quality time together and enjoying themselves. I noticed the young guy and his grandfather both wearing similar outfits. They enjoy fishing and visiting the carnival. It seems that they live together in a country area surrounded by nature and a dog. The dog also seems to enjoy hanging with the both of them and having someone to play with. The message that is being conveyed is that they are both out fishing and having a great time. The grandfather also smokes tobacco, by having his long pipe stuck into his mouth. You can also tell that it is cloudy by looking at the…

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