Analysis Of Robert Ricardo Wilkinson 's Letter Essay

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I am writing this letter in support of my mentee, Robert Ricardo Wilkinson, who is scheduled to appear before the Parole Board in January 2016. I am imploring you to favorably consider his release as I am confident that after serving more than 30 years of incarceration from a sentence originated in 1981; in which, he received life plus fifty-one years, being granted a conditional release by the State of Virginia Parole Board, in September of 2009 and having his privileges revoked due to a drug violation, his number one objective is to commit his efforts to being a law abiding productive citizen .

Since his re-entry into the Virginia State Prison, he is addressing his self-destructive behavior with the resources available to him and will do well upon his release with continued support systems in place; such as his participation in a mandatory drug recovery, therapeutic treatment program. The services can serve beneficial to his continued recovery process and successful transition back into society as they can assist and address the emotional pain and mental suffering he processes as a result of his upbringing, culture, and life choices in which the drugs served only as a coping method to ease his pain. In the therapeutic setting, he will learn healthy coping skills, life skills, and social skills.

In the five years since his release, he has already completed, Family & Medical Counseling, Project Empowerment Transitional Employment Program, Workforce Development Training,…

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