Analysis Of Robert Frost 's ' The Silken Tent ' Essay

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Robert Frost has a knack for presenting in his writing hidden similarities between two uncommon things. Recognizing one of Frost’s written metaphors is simply the beginning of a poetic journey because “You don’t know how far you may expect to ride it and when it may break down with you” (Parini 265). Now, a poem that demonstrates this temperamental ride is “The Silken Tent,” from Frost’s 1942 collection, A Witness Tree. This fourteen line sonnet is structured in rhyming iambic pentameter and eloquently flows from one impression into another. To see this transition clearly, we will focus on particular words choices in the poem and argue how they manipulate the feel of the piece. Moreover, personal opinions and emotional interpretations will also be used for analysis and conclusions. Above all, we will demonstrate how “The Silken Tent” begins with the delightful illusion of freedom and ends in the wisdom that everyone is bound by something. First of all, the speaker in the “The Silken Tent” gives us notice that an analogy is present in the text. Markedly, this message is put forward in first three words of the poem “She is as.” Looking at the complete line “She is as in a field a silken tent” (Frost 302), we discover that the comparable items are an outdoor fabric shelter and a female figure. Keeping the analogy in mind, “The Silken Tent” delivers a mesmerizing journey inside the tent’s freedom. Like being in a state of hypnosis, the speaker places us alongside the…

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