Analysis Of Robert Frost 's ' The Armful ' Essay

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“The Armful” Explication
In Robert Frost’s poem “The Armful” he describes himself struggling to carry his large armful of stuff. As the poem goes on it becomes clear to the reader that there is deeper meaning to the poem and the speaker is not just referencing material possessions. The speaker may be Frost, or simply any person who has had to overcome a tribulation.
The speaker starts the poem by stating his problem of not being able to carry all of his possessions. Lines one and two say “For every parcel I stoop down to seize/ I lose some other off my arms and knees”. This gives the reader an image of a person who is unable to carry all their goods. The speaker is carrying too much so things drop off, but when he bends over to pick up the lost items more items topple off. This process of dropping and picking up could be never ending (fragment). The OED defines the word parcel as “A part, portion, or division of something”, meaning the speaker is just dropping individual items, but so far he is managing to carry the majority of his load. The speaker also mentions that he had to use both his “arms and knees” which should give the reader an image of a man or woman completely overloaded with packages, struggling with every step.

The next line gives the reader more information and paints a better picture which allows the reader to connect to the situation, maybe it has even happened to them. The third line reads “And the whole pile is slipping, bottles, buns –“. By using…

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