Analysis Of Robert Frost 's Poems Like The Tulf Of Flowers And Two Look At Two

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Robert Frost is considered a farmer-poet, since in many of his poems he achieves to capture nature 's essence, and demonstrates his transcendentalist ideas of human and nature forming part of a harmonious Also, Frost finds “meaning” in nature, being that why he may have written poems like The Tulf of Flowers & Two Look at Two. Even though Frost wrote many poems about nature, he reflected transcendental ideas within metaphors to the human conduct and interpersonal relations, and explained through nature different themes, one being relationships problems and the other loneliness.
For instance, the poetic voice of The Tulf of Flowers talks about two men that are cutting the grass in their respective homes and feel a connection between them even though they have never met each other. Then, a butterfly comes to one of the men and brings him company when he felt lonely because the other man left. What we may interpret is that although you may feel alone sometimes, you never are, because there will be persons in life that will connect with you even in the little things. In this case, they use the butterfly and the flowers to represent the harmony between nature and humans, because they bring a company to each other. From the stanza “And the he flew as far as the eye can see, And then on tremulous wing came back to me.”, I concluded that the butterfly is a metaphor for a person that comes to your life and you feel a connection with them, and even if the person is far away that…

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