Analysis Of Robert Aldrich 's `` What Ever Happened From Baby '

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Robert Aldrich’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane is a 1962 psychological thriller. It is the story of the twisted dynamic of two siblings. Bette Davis plays Baby Jane Hudson, an aging actress who holds her paraplegic sister Blanche (Joan Crawford) captive in an old mansion. Throughout the film, Jane’s bitterness towards her sister sister escalates and even turns into torture and violence. While the film’s plot undoubtedly keeps the audience hanging on the edge of their seat, it 's the film’s commentary on ageism, sexism and sibling rivalry that truly make it a masterpiece. Throughout the film, ageism, sibling rivalry, and even sexism play a huge role in the film’s development. First, ageism is to blame for Jane and Blanche’s rancorous relationship. As Jane became older and less attractive, her ability to find entertainment work became more and more difficult. Her sister on the other hand, had no such problem as she retained much of her beauty as she aged. This difference is the direct cause of the two sister’s rivalry. The film cover sibling rivalry in depth as the plot focuses on Jane’s envy for Blanche. Jane 's jealousy for her sister’s hollywood success is the reason she treats her sister so bitterly. Jane’s bitterness gets so bad that she even turns to torture. Actions such as serving her crippled sister a dead parrot for lunch and tying her to the bed, demonstrate just how awful and dangerous sibling rivalry can turn. Lastly, the plot covers sexism as it tells the…

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