Essay on Analysis Of Rison 's Flaws Of Prisons

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rison’s Flaws:
Prisons are an old institution going as far back as even ancient Greece but is really helping society? It seems like on the news, every time someone gets arrested they’re being reincarcerated, it seems that prison really aren’t reforming but just restraining the prisoners for a couple of years. Often prisoners are mentally damaged from their visit in jail and many start to feel that jail is the only place for them. Additionally also hurts the prisoner because when he/she gets out no one will hire them though the system is suppose to reintegrate them back to society. Prisons are an awful system and there are multiple alternatives that are more effective.
Many people don’t have the best view point of people that have been through the prison system but why, isn’t the point to reestablish prisoners in the community? But we often hear about people coming out of prison having a short stint of living with a friend but then ending back in prisons. Prisoners like Jerry often report problems like, “The outside world bringing an onslaught of stimulation, the sudden need to make dozens of small decisions each day, when before, the prisoners were expected to do as they were told,” and it doesn’t help that they are forced to live off others until they can get on their own two feet (“Prison Problem”). There is also a “visual” mark that show on prisoners, even when they try to get a job or loan, so many have no choice other than fast food or odd jobs, “On several occasions,…

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