Analysis Of Richard Wright 's The Middle Of It All Essay

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1863 to approximately 1964, coming up from almost 250 years of slavery, the world was filled with segregation. “Between the World and Me” (1935), a poem written by Richard Wright in the middle of it all, talks about a lynching taking place in the woods. It gives chilling details elucidating the torture of a black man for sleeping with a white woman. The captivating phraseology from the narrator’s perspective draws you in, giving its readers a clear vision of this fiendish extralegal act. Symbolism, personification and imagery is the most symbolic literary aspects of Wright’s poem. His poem shows the true nature of the supremacy of white people and what black people, especially a black man, had to endure during those times. Wright uses first person point of view to persuade readers to understand the in depth details of what was taking place. It produces more instantaneous emotional appeal for readers giving direct access to the narrator’s thoughts and mental state to be effective. Having the narrator in the middle of the setting can present and acclimate readers to the story’s world. The narrator is able to contextualize key terms and explain through his actions and feelings. The protagonist of a story is the character who changes the most from beginning to end, choosing this person as a narrator has allowed Wright to closely show how the story’s events altered the protagonist’s life. Wright uses personification to give the narrator the ability to amplify his emotions of…

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