Analysis Of Richard Rodriguez 's ' The Effect Of Western Education '

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Summarize the basic argument/idea you set forth in this project. In my “The Effects of Western Education” essay, I argued that Western education taught to a second generation unintentionally alienates those who have access to it and those who do not. I incorporated my own life experiences because my siblings and I are the first in my Chinese family to attend an American school. Throughout the essay, I utilize the “Achievement of Desire” essay to back up my ideas because I was able to connect with them well and I could elaborate on the author Richard Rodriguez’s points. I talked about how my own visit to China and enrolling in a Chinese school for several years impacted my life as well as how I felt alienated from my culture.
How did your ideas change over the course of the writing activity? My ideas changed because I read the essay “Achievement of Desire” a couple more times afterwards and gained a new perspective each time I read it. My first draft was embarrassingly rough because I did not elaborate on many ideas and my MLA format was incorrect. From the beginning of the paper, I knew what I wanted to write about, but I did not know how I wanted to go forth with putting my ideas into words. For example, on my first draft titled “ECE Essay #1” I reminded myself to answer the question “Why? So, what? How is this important?” (2). At first, I simply had “My time in China opened some doors for me and helped me understand the place my parents and ancestors originated from”…

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