Essay about Analysis Of Richard Rodriguez 's Late Victorians

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There are many different types of houses. There are bungalows, barns, mansions, ranches, splits, colonials, Victorians, etc. Each of these types of houses has a steretype attached to them, there is one group of people who is usually “seen” living in these houses. Richard Rodriguez addresses what gay life in San Fransisco is, through the use architecture, and design of homes in certain areas of the city. He wrote a piece titled, “Late Victorians” after the death of a close friend (or rumored lover), this death influenced him to try and do something to make a change. Rodriguez sets out to educate the straight people of San Fransisco about what being gay is like, in a city like San Fransisco. Rodriguez subtly addresses this by using architecture to create symbolic parallels, and using his own personal experiences with architecture.
In “Late Victorians” Rodriguez takes advantage of the architecture of San Fransisco and parallels it to how life is different for a gay person living in San Fransisco than a straight person living in San Fransisco. He uses Victorian homes as a symbol for gay life, in the beginning of his essay he touches on when Victorian homes were not wanted in San Fransisco, he says “The renovation of Victorian San Fransisco into dollhouses for libertines may have seemed, in the 1970’s, an evasion of what the city was actually becoming” (59). Essentially what Rodriguez is saying through this piece of architectural synechdoche is that San Fransisco wanted to…

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