Essay on Analysis Of Richard Rodriguez 's ' Aria '

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Introduction: Is it possible for a child to use their family’s language in school or an outside environment? Well according to Richard Rodriguez’s book, “Aria”: “It is not possible for a child-any child-ever to use his family’s language in school.” I do not agree with this quote or Rodriguez’s idea because there is really no reason why a child cannot use their “own” language in school or an outside environment. If you know a language other than English such as your personal or private language, then you can speak that language in school. Body Paragraph 1: In Rodriguez’s book, Aria, Richard Rodriguez addresses the issue of bilingual education. He argues that it is impossible and unnecessary for a student to use their native language alongside with English in school and public life. Furthermore, Rodriguez repeatedly claims that his use of his parent 's “private” language at home impeded his social growth. Since his parents did not know and did not use English in the home, he and his siblings did not learn it, and therefore could not communicate with others at school or his community and he did not effectively become a part of the community. Due to this, Rodriguez believe that his family and himself to be something apart from American society. In Page 515, the nuns suggests “Is it possible for you and your husband to encourage your children to practice their English when they are home?” Since English was mostly the major language being spoken at schools during that time, the…

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