Analysis Of Reverend John Hale In The Crucible

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topic one- response- Reverend John Hale played an important role in encouraging and promoting the Witch Trials. He was called in to town by Paris to determine if it was really witch craft that cause the girls to become ill. In the beginning he was an avid believer of witchcraft. As it says in the passage above, he is a well educated man who has studied the subject plenty, and has even experienced "witches" in person. He was confident in himself to correctly weed out witches in the beginning. As the trials (that he started) wear on, he ceases to believe in witches. This ruins his faith in himself and the justice system. The once confident man was now timid and ashamed. This ties into the theme that reputation is everything. After he admitted …show more content…
It shows that John did have an affair. That means his relationship with his wife is a very weak. It also shows it is conflicting him internally. He knows there aren 't any witches in Salem, yet he doesn 't speak out against it, because his mistress is the primary accuser. Elizabeth seems to think the reason is that he has feelings still for Abigail, but that is unlikely. The most probable reason is that he fears that Abigail will tell the town about their affair, which would ruin his name in town. That ties into the theme of reputation and pride that I mentioned earlier. this had a negative effect on the trials, because his silence allowed them to continue, and with no one challenging Abigail 's claims, the witch hunt got way out of …show more content…
As it shows above, she is a nasty person who threatens the girls to go along with her side of the story. Abigail has had an affair with John Proctor, and is willing to lie about witchcraft to save her name and to take out Proctor 's wife. That is her main motivation. Her threats are the reason the girls allowed the trials got so out of hand. Part of the reason Abigail is such a nasty person who clearly has emotional issues could be because of the horrors that befell on her parents 9which she was forced to watch).

Response- Mary Warren was also one of the girl 's to call out witchcraft. Despite being a good and caring person who feels guilty about spreading lies about witchcraft, she continued to go along with it. She is spineless, and allowed Abigail to intimidate her and scare her into going along with Abigail 's games. Her primary motivation for accusing people of witchcraft is so that she does not get punished by Abigail and the other girls. Because she complied with the other girl 's, she ended up causing about as much trouble as Abigail. Giving the Poppet

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