Analysis Of Rene Descartes 's ' The ' Descartes ' Essay

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René Descartes claimed that we should throw away all of our opinions and beliefs of the world because we can easily be deceived into believing the wrong things. The only claim that we can be sure of is that we exist. He based his argument on the possibility that we could be tricked in three different ways. We can be misled by our senses, our lives could be a very vivid dream, or we could be fooled by an evil demon. In this essay, I will argue that our knowledge of arithmetics and geometry will always be certain, even if we were under any of these three influences. In addition, I will explain how Descartes claim that we our senses could mislead us and that we are in a dream-like state is not possible. Descartes purposes that we need to dismiss all of our impressions and ideas about how the world works because in order for something to be considered knowledge, it has undoubtable and certain. He claims that our senses are the most deceitful instruments in which we obtain information from. It is important to remember that his claims were made back in the era of enlightenment; when everything people thought were true were one by one, proven to be false. Although it is correct that throughout our lives, we sometimes happen to perceive things when they are actually another way, it often is not our senses deceiving us but rather our interpretation of them. To be clear, this is different from Descartes theory that our idea of something is true, regardless if that something exists in…

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