Analysis Of Real Time Cure Monitoring Of Smart Composite Laminates With And Without Damages

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The analysis of real-time cure monitoring of smart composite laminates with and without damages by using the FBG sensors are performed. The 3-point bending test of composite laminates with and without damage carried out by using the FBG sensors. There is the need to compare the compressive cure train of composite laminates with and without damages; we can obviously see that the ire strain of composite without damages is less that cure strain of composite with a circular delaminating in the zero-degree direction (Paschotta, 2010). The embedded FBG sensor also can be used to inspect the delaminating of composite laminates under 3-point bending test. Figure 3.1 - Experimental results of three-point bending test of composite laminates with and without delamination by using embedded FBG sensors
Damage identification had been carried out in some national projects on the fibre optic sensors in an aircraft application. Development of real-time detection of impact damage with embedded small-diameter optical fibre sensors conducted. In an analysis, the small diameter FBG sensors were embedded to detect impact induced damages. The small diameter FBG sensor used to obtain the impact location through the dynamic strain measurement and multi-mode small diameter optical fibre embedded to judge the occurrence of the impact induced damages using the optical loss due to bending (Abrate, Castanie & Rajapakse, 2013). An impact detection and localized system developed and could successfully…

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