Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Who Would 've Known It Would Still Be As Relatable Now?

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When Raymond Carver wrote the story, who would’ve known it would still be as relatable now. The way we view things is nearly the same and it is not hard to know and analyze the problems we read in the story. When we read the story, we get a different setting when people meet up for small talk and drinks. The author introduces to the reader the four characters. They are Mel McGinnis, a cardiologist, Terri, who is his wife, the author, but with the name Nick and his lady friend, Laura. The story starts with Terri and her ex-husband Ed, who tried to kill her. Nobody knows why the situation is taking place. It may be the display of love to a woman or something weird and unusual. Some things happened to Ed when he was a child. These problems caused him to change his personality dramatically. I think Terri was his first and he was afraid of her leaving him. Terri didn’t think Ed had problems. She thought it was just love that made him act different. Ed couldn’t accept it when Terri left him, so he tried to kill himself in front of Terri and Mel. Ed started to drink rat poison because he wanted to make Terri come back to him. The only way he didn’t die is because he didn’t take in enough poison. Realizing he wasn’t going to die, Ed decides to shoot himself. Terri tells the story to people, while getting an enjoyment out of the fact that he killed himself because of the love he had for her. Terri is proud that she could be a big part in his short-lived life. Terri and…

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