Essay about Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' What We Talk About When '

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Ms. Nguyen
English 1301
December 11, 2016 “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” was the story written by Raymond Carver in the year 1981. This is one of his most popular stories and continues to be referenced, even in 2015, in pop culture. The story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” is a story about two couples one evening as they sit around debating about love while drinking gin. Terri speaks so much about her past partner who was emotionally unbalanced and physically abusive to her, while still claiming that he loves her in his own way. Mel says that he was trying to make a point. He tells them about an elderly couple who were nearly killed when a drunk teenager hit their camper with his car. Both survived but were badly injured. Mel describes how he and other surgeons operated almost all night and that afterward the couple was transferred to a private room. Mel interrupts himself to tell everyone to drink more gin so that they can all go to dinner at a new place he and Terri know about. Mel says that if he could come back in another life, he’d be a chef or a knight. Terri and Mel debate whether the correct word is vessel or vassal. Nick says that being a knight could be dangerous because of all the heavy armor. Laura asks what happened to the old couple, then struggles to light a cigarette. Nick notes that the sun in the kitchen has changed. Mel tells Laura that if their situations were different, he’d fall in love with her.…

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