Essay on Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Cathedral '

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Cathedral is a captivating story based on the lives of the narrator, his wife and a blind man. Raymond Carver is the author of this story, and he does an excellent job allowing the reader to delve into the lives of these characters. Through using the thoughts of the narrator, the reader is able to grab our attention because the story is made more realistic. The views expressed by the narrator in many senses exemplify the views of many in society and therefore the reader is able to make an emotional connection through the story.
Raymond Carver is a renowned short story writer born in 1938. The New York Times classifies him as “most influential writer of American short stories in the 2nd half of the 20th century” (King, 2009). His upbringing was in a lower middle class setting in Oregon. Due to his upbringing, many of his stories were influenced as a result of his experience in that socio-economic status. He had the ability to capture the lives of the average Joe through his fictional tales. He was known to use people from all walks of life to depict his agenda in these tales. He successfully wrote many short stories, poems, and essays with various collections. His story, the Cathedral is infamous for pointing out how a blind man or in other words a disabled individual can help someone discover something extraordinary. Raymond Carver loved travelling as a young man, and would often take his family from locale to locale using that as an inspiration for a lot of his…

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