Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Cathedral ' Essay

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Raymond Carver’s short story “Cathedral” quite intriguing. The short story is riddled with symbolism or hidden meanings. If the reader were to look at the story without analyzing properly the reader might think this story is about a blind man visiting his friend. With careful analyzing the writer has concluded that this story has three motifs in this small short story. The first motif is the worldly eyes of the husband, the second being a life lesson, and the third being religion.
The book begins with the narrator, which is the Husband, speaking about the Blind man or Roger in a neutral manner, just giving information about Roger. Half way down the paragraph the true feelings of the narrator came to surface, he goes as far to say “A blind man in my house was not something I looked forward to” (Carver 84). by this point the narrator has never met Roger, and assumes he will be a burden. Therefore, the narrator is pre-judging Roger by his disability not by his heart (Personally the writer thinks Roger does not see his disability as a burden). Since the Husband sees Roger by his disability the reader should see that the husband is worldly and looks at people through his worldly eyes. In another example the reader may see the worldly eyes of the husband as he speaks about Beulah, the wife of Roger, “what a pitiful life that woman must have lead. Imagine a woman who could never see herself….in the eyes of her loved one” (Carver 87). The Husband also says speaking of Roger’s…

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