Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Cathedral ' Essay

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Cathedral by Raymond Carver is a simple short story on the outside but is a riveting personal growth story about a husband and wife and their guest at their house, the blind man, Robert. The narrator is the husband, who knows very little about blind people akin to Robert who at the end knows little about cathedrals. Raymond Carver uses multiple literary devices to convey his story to the readers. In my paper I will be talking about three of them, I will be discussing Carver’s use of point of view, symbolism, and character.
The point of view of this short story is first person and it’s from the husband’s point of view. This one is really straight forward; the husband narrates the whole story. The husband is leading us through a night where his wife’s blind friend Robert comes to stay for the weekend. Most of the jokes that are told in this short story are between the reader and the husband; he only says a few jokes aloud. We also get a preview of what the husband is going to say, this is especially true when he says “I started to say something about the old sofa. I’d liked that old sofa. But I didn’t say anything. Then I wanted to say something else, small-talk, about the scenic ride along the Hudson. How going to New York, you should sit on the right-hand side of the train, and coming from New York, the left-hand side.” (Carver 35)
The husband is a dynamic character because at first he isn’t ok with Robert but at the end he grows to like the blind man, he also grows as a…

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