Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' Cathedral ' Essay

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In the story, “Cathedral” Raymond Carver, is a story about bringing people together. This story has three main characters. However, the story mostly focuses on the blind man and the narrator. The narrator was a very narrow-minded and didn’t want to get involved or have any relationship with anyone else. However, through the course of the story, the narrator was able to make a friendship with his wife’s friend the blind man by using a cathedral, which brought them together. Carver uses exposition to develop his plot and characters. Exposition is used to introduce background information to the story’s audience. The tone of this story will lead into major character developments. The exposition will help the audience understand where each character is coming from and how each will develop.
These characters are brought together because they had made a connection with each other. However, earlier in the story we saw how the narrator was the actually the person who was blind since everything he knew about everything was from TV and that he was never wanting to go out of his way for someone. The narrator was blind since when the narrator said, “My idea of blindness came from the movies. In the movies, the blind moved slowly and never laughed.” (Carver) The narrator doesn’t really understand what a blind person looks or acts like since he has never met one. He is using him what he saw in movies, which basically suggesting that he believes everything he has seen on TV or in movies.…

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