Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451 Essay example

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In this dynamic world, technology arouses a modern era. The renowned transition from a print to a digital age has sparked new ideas. While books have remained an asset to ordinary life, modern entertainment continues to shift away from simplistic black and white words. In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury depicts a futuristic world in which books are banished. Entertainment depends on digital ‘families’ and merely observing the world is considered an act of rebellion. Ultimately, the world lacks a moral and environmental conscience and conformity locks the human race into a stagnant state. A solitary group, called the Wandering Book Lovers, dedicate themselves to creating a connection to the old world by memorizing books. Each member chooses a book that he or she wishes to remember, acting as a flash drive, wandering through society with words stored inside. Although modern society hasn’t abandoned books, remembering the ones of value is vital as the battles for equality, the preservation of nature, and scarcity of courage and acceptance plague society. To Kill a Mockingbird embodies many ideals that can remind future generations of important life lessons.
Despite that To Kill a Mockingbird was written 50 years ago, many of its morals remain unobserved today. The first is never being afraid to stand up for what is right. The plot of To Kill a Mockingbird centers around a trial accusing a young African American man of a crime. Despite the undeniable lack of evidence against Tom…

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